Kaspersky Cyberthreat Real-Time Map’s:

Fortinet's threat map solution:

Check Point Software's ThreatCloud map:

Deteque features a threat:

FireEye's threat map:

Bitdefender has also created a threat map:

Arbor Network created a hybrid threat map:

Akamai's Real-Time Web Monitor:


Cybersecurity refers to the specialization of computer network security that consists of technologies, policies, and procedures that protect networked computer systems from unauthorized use or harm. Broadly speaking, cybersecurity topics can be subdivided into two complementary areas: cyber-attacks, which are essentially offensive and emphasize network penetration techniques; and cyber defenses, which are essentially protective and emphasize countermeasures intended to eliminate or mitigate cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity Forum, 2021.

Cyber-attacks can take aim at the enterprise, government, military, and other infrastructural assets of a nation, companies or its citizens, where these assets can include physical infrastructure (e.g., power grids, nuclear reactors) as well as computational infrastructure (e.g., computers, networks). Cyber-attacks can be classified by their participating actors (states vs. non-states) and their attack mechanisms (e.g., direct attack, malware, exploits). Cyber-attacks can also be employed on end user devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Cybersecurity Forum, 2021.

According to the Verizon Data Breach Report for 2020, the financial market for cyber-attacks is US$13B globally. The increasing reliance of information-age economies and governments on cyber (computer-based) infrastructure makes them progressively more vulnerable to cyber-attacks on their computer systems, networks, and data. In their most disruptive form, cyber-attacks target the enterprise, government, military, or other infrastructural assets of a nation or its citizens, usually for a monetary gain. Both the volume and sophistication of cyber threats (cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, and malicious hacking) are monotonically increasing, and pose potent threats to enterprise, government, military, or other infrastructural assets around the world. Knowing that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, we are well advised to effect strong Cybersecurity defenses that will thwart rapidly evolving cyber threats. Cybersecurity Forum, 2021.

Precision-Cyber’s strategy to manage cyber-risk includes a combination of people, processes and technology. Our approach is to offer an innovative yet cost-effective portfolio of the world’s best solutions and services. Our goal is to enable any enterprise to proactively eliminate security gaps, effectively defend against attackers’ malicious intentions and further minimize the enterprise risk with 24x7 monitoring and high-quality incidence response and mediation. Our differentiation comes from the fact that we use next generation security service technologies, globally certified providers, and platinum alliance partners. We ensure that your information, network, and systems remain confidential, with its desired integrity and only available through authorized access.

Cybersecurity approach can be basic, advanced, proactive or any combination of these three. As such, cost has various factors to consider including size, complexity and coverage. Precision-Cyber has a full suite of products, solutions and services. Contact us today to find out more.

Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.

There are several excellent and compelling reasons for a company to explore digital transformation. The main reason is that companies become more efficient saving between 25%-50% of their operational expenses. The following are some other key benefits:
1. Transforming Customer Experience At the heart of digital is customer experience. Many companies are increasingly aware of this, with 92% of leaders developing sophisticated digital transformation strategies to enhance the consumer experience.
2. More Data-based Insights When you go digital, you can track metrics and analyze the data that you capture during your digital marketing efforts. Using data-driven insights can help to understand customers better, and also rethink business strategies, assisting with better decision-making, paving ways to a higher ROI.
3. Greater Collaboration Across Departments DT offers an excellent opportunity for unity throughout the organization as leaders build it on digital congruence. When you find everyone aligned to a common purpose, you will find a smooth and seamless transition.
4. Improved Agility and Innovation With DT, businesses proliferate, fueled with innovation. When it comes to DT initiatives, 68% of companies rank agility among the top three considerations.

Digitization, in short, is the process of converting information locked in physical documents from analog to digital.

Digitalization is the process of using digitized information to work more simply and efficiently. And you will find increased importance of digitalization in business today more than ever.

DT can be simple or expansive. Cost will depend on a myriad of factors. Precision-Cyber’s DT Strategy is to provide our customers with a full suite of solutions and services that are innovative yet cost-effective that can satisfy our customers’ need. We are certain that we have a solution that will ensure that you experience immediate benefits. Contact us today to discuss more and let us engineer or continue your digital journey.