Mr. Chris Chamely

Christopher A. Chamely is the Managing Director of Zan Tech Ltd., where he has devoted most of his time developing and growing this business for the last eight years.  He has a B.S.S.E, with honors, Bachelor of Computer Science. He has extensive experience in the security industry having started working in the Professional Security Industry since 2003. His recent activities include providing consulting services for many organizations. He uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to design complex physical and electronic security systems based on best practice industry standards.

Christopher is constantly keeping up to date with the latest developments including new tools and products in the Security Industry. He is a Software Engineer by profession and has always had an interest in cyber security. One of his latest endeavors is to continuously educate himself on the latest threats and developments in the cyber security arena to advise and educate clients who many not be aware.  He was the Managing Director of Amalgamated Security Services Limited in Barbados for several years and has extensive training in programming and database systems and cybersecurity management.