Fabio Alvino

Fabio Alvino is the founder and CEO of Rational Point, a North American consulting and integration company for security and cybersecurity solutions, focused on Public Security, Homeland Security and Defense. Among other things, Rational Point offers outsourced cybersecurity services (managed services), cybersecurity consulting, risk assessment, forensic analysis, code reviewing, digital security assessments and vulnerability analysis to companies and governments in the US and LATAM.
Mr. Alvino has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami and several certifications, such as the CH Cyber Security Architecture Certification. In addition to several years in military intelligence, he has more than 25 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity projects. He led the first penetration tests (PT) in banking, eCommerce and governments in LATAM, as well as the supervision and protection of data transmission in electoral processes.
Throughout his career, he has worked supporting, collaborating and training many police, military and intelligence institutions, in obtaining their objectives. He worked as a senior executive at Neoris, a US consulting company, and Amdocs, an Israeli telecommunications company. In addition, he founded CyberMedia and Alternet Systems, both of which were acquired by large multinational corporations. In 2016 he founded Rational Point, a company specialized in security and cybersecurity with clients in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru and the Caribbean.
Today, Mr. Alvino is considered one of the regional experts in investigative, intelligence and counter-intelligence technologies. He works with companies in the USA, Israel and Europe, creating cutting-edge solutions to improve and automate current digital and physical asset protection techniques.
Fabio Alvino is an active member of INFRAGUARD, an alliance between FBI and security specialists, in charge of the security of the strategic infrastructure of the USA.