Dr. Ronald Walcott

Dr. Walcott is the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Telecommunications Services of
Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT). Dr. Walcott has an MBA and a DBA both specializing in Financial
Management. He was the CEO of TSTT from 2014-2020. Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice
President of Mobile Services in TSTT. He worked at TSTT for fourteen (14) years. Prior to working at
TSTT, Dr. Walcott held senior management roles at ANSA McAL Carib Brewery, and he also worked
at BWIA (now Caribbean Airlines) where he held management roles in Finance and Technical

Given his knowledge and qualifications, Dr. Walcott has a wealth of telecommunications, business,
technical operations, and technology knowledge, skills, and experience. During his tenure as CEO
of TSTT, Dr. Walcott championed Digital Transformation which was a key tenet of the 5-year strategic
plan that he developed and executed. Included in that strategic plan was modernizing TSTT’s entire
network, restructuring the organization, securing US$400M in financing and automating and
modernizing all customer service elements of TSTT. As a former telecommunications CEO, Dr.
Walcott has also worked with global telecommunications partners and is quite familiar with all
elements of the digital revolution currently taking place around the world. He has an excellent track
record of developing and executing complex technological and strategic initiatives. Dr. Walcott is
adept at understanding markets, key business decisions and financial operations. He is also
extremely technically/technology-savvy with outstanding relationship building, training, financial,
and mediation skills.