Why should companies or governments adopt Digital Transformation?

There are several excellent and compelling reasons for a company to explore digital transformation. The main reason is that companies become more efficient saving between 25%-50% of their operational expenses. The following are some other key benefits:
1. Transforming Customer Experience
At the heart of digital is customer experience. Many companies are increasingly aware of this, with 92% of leaders developing sophisticated digital transformation strategies to enhance the consumer experience.
2. More Data-based Insights
When you go digital, you can track metrics and analyze the data that you capture during your digital marketing efforts. Using data-driven insights can help to understand customers better, and also rethink business strategies, assisting with better decision-making, paving ways to a higher ROI.
3. Greater Collaboration Across Departments
DT offers an excellent opportunity for unity throughout the organization as leaders build it on digital congruence. When you find everyone aligned to a common purpose, you will find a smooth and seamless transition.
4. Improved Agility and Innovation
With DT, businesses proliferate, fueled with innovation. When it comes to DT initiatives, 68% of companies rank agility among the top three considerations.